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Most people know Jim Carrey, but perhaps not everyone knows his early story. While still a struggling actor in the 1980’s, Carrey would go to Mulholland Drive and visualize great success coming his way. Later, he wrote a $10 million check to himself for “acting services rendered” which he carried for many years in his wallet. Later he told this story on the Oprah Winfrey show, and made sure to note that you must not only visualize your goal, but to also go out, make a plan, and do things to make it happen. He not only believed and worked hard, but he constantly saw himself as a top Hollywood star. Oprah would later call Carrey one of her best teachers, noting that “if you can see it, and believe it, it is a lot easier to achieve it.” Oprah also added another caveat, noting that if you visualize your dream you must let go, not resist, and move in the direction of your goal.

Visualization is a key component to improving your skills, actualizing your dreams and checking your fantasies off of your bucket lists. It works because, according to brain imagery, your neurons, electrically excitable cells that transmit information, decipher imagery as the same as real-life action, an amazing virtual reality ride. Hence, when you visualize an act, the brain generates an impulse that tells your neurons to perform the action or movement.


Thus, like a river carving out a canyon in time lapse, it creates a new neural pathway, or clusters of cells in your brain that work together to create memories or learned behaviors. This then prepares your body to act in a way in line with what you have imagined. This all happens without you actually performing the physical activity, but the result in your brain, in your subconscious is similar.


It’s true. As odd as it might seem to a lot of people, the brain cannot discern the difference between reality and fantasy. Close your eyes for a second. Think about an activity you would like to start, or something you wish to master, whether it is shooting a perfect jump shot, hitting the perfect drive on the golf course, or hitting the back of the net in the World Cup for five minutes. Now open your eyes. Does your shot or swing feel better? Inside your brain, you have just actually practiced five minutes worth of quality shooting or swinging. Your brain is a complicated machine, the world’s original computer, but it is yet to develop the software to differentiate between you physically shooting a basketball (or whatever your goal may be), or simply taking hundreds of shots deep in your mind.


Visualization, as you may be getting the idea, is vital to achieving your goals in life, or being able to tick the most cherished items off of your bucket list. One obstacle, however, is just getting started. Bucket Bracelets’ mission is to help people to have a visual dream. They will connect you with a beautiful bracelet, and each one has a meaning which will help you to get off on the right foot, and to serve as a daily reminder that any dream can become a reality.