Skills for a bucket list

October 01, 2018

Skills for a bucket list

You Are What You Eat.

You have probably said myriad of times to yourself “I really wish I knew how to do that.” Something happens in life and you want the knowledge and experience to do it yourself, to do it with your own two hands. Then what happens? Something comes up, you get a new job, and soon, you put it off until tomorrow, or just forget about the thing you had wished to learn all together. If you have been putting off learning how to do something, it is certainly never too late, and with the endless knowledge available online today, there is really no excuse. Learning a new skill is one of the most rewarding items you can check off of your bucket list. The choices are endless. Let’s have a look.

Learning to cook seems like one of the most obvious skills to obtain, and the summer is a perfect time to start. It feels like there are hundreds of cooking shows and sites to find new recipes and cooking techniques. It also sometimes feels like some people enjoy watching these shows more than following their instructions. Learning to cook gives you the opportunity to learn a skill that can be both practical and beautiful. To really kick off your bucket list pursuit, why not try taking a cooking class in Bangkok or France? If that does not work with your schedule or budget, then just start by getting some good tools of the trade. Start with a few knives, pots and pans, and get to work on some simple recipes. Master some basic techniques and you will be well on your way. When you finally master a dish, or can prepare a full meal for a party or a loved one, you will feel an unspeakable pride and satisfaction of feeding somebody special. It is easily the most delicious check you will mark off of your bucket list.

Another tasty choice you may wish to add your bucket list of useful skills is planting and raising food in your own garden. Now that you have started cooking more of your own meals, why not also have the raw ingredients from your own backyard? Growing fruits and veggies may seem a daunting task at first, but it really can be much simpler than it sounds to most people. All you really need is a few square meters of the great outdoors, some water, and a little free time. The benefits are immeasurable.

Your home-grown produce will have more nutritious content as they are fresh and have not been sitting on a truck or a supermarket shelf. In addition, you will be saving money, and really cutting down on your carbon footprint by reducing the number of pesticides which are used and cutting out the middle man. Furthermore, gardening is not only a great way to get some gentle exercise, but it can also be a very relaxing and meditative activity.

A few more bucket list benefits of planting your own garden is that you are less likely to waste food that you grow yourself, and you can stop worrying so much about the authenticity and safety of your own food. You will surely have a sense of pride in growing your own tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, but you will also have the great opportunity to give fresh gifts such as homemade salsa to your friends and neighbors. So this summer invite your friends and family over. What could be a more satisfying check of your bucket list then to serve your loved ones with a meal that you cooked yourself using ingredients from your own garden? Get after it.  Bon appétit.

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