Shoot for a Great Paintballing Bucket List Experience

September 26, 2018

Shoot for a Great Paintballing Bucket List Experience

We truly believe that composing a bucket list is a way of life, a way to go about each day. It’s a total mentality. Constructing a bucket list, we believe, is not just a matter of writing down fifty disconnected events on a piece of paper and marking each one of mechanically like a Saturday list of errands. One of the best ways to cultivate a bucket mentality is to do some exciting and physical activities. Paintballing is a tremendous way to get outside, to challenge yourself and work in a team, enjoy some exercise, get a huge adrenaline rush and hopefully the thrill of victory.

The main point of paintballing is to have fun with you and your friends. Think of a more active trip to the bowling alley sans beer and nachos and going after moving, living targets rather than stationary pins. After each game you can relive what went wrong and what led to a big win. It’s enthralling. Paintballing is also best spent with a group of old friends or people you work with. The social element of the game is one of its biggest draws.

Of course, you and your friends are looking for something more adventurous than darts or watching the game at a bar. Once you strap on your gear, put your helmet down and cock your gun, look for a huge spike in your adrenaline. Whether you are ducking from opponents, running through a forest, or holding down a position, the anticipation will be a true surge for mind and body. It’s also stimulating to work as a team, and the rush in your body will be balanced by the mental incentive to strategize. As you may remember from the A-Team, few things are more rewarding than when a plan comes together.

Now that you are fired up to go paintballing, and you have your crew intact, you need an actual place to play. Check your local listings or you can look for some more spectacular venues.

If you can make it to Cali, look into the famed Hollywood sports which is a million dollar facility spread out over 28 acres Los Angeles County’s Bellflower. These unique paintball fields are constructed from real movie sets from such blockbusters as Starship Troopers, The Haunting, Godzilla and Saving Private Ryan. This will truly be a remarkable truly one-of-a-kind bucket list experience which has been enjoyed by the likes of Kobe Bryant and David Beckham. If you are more hardcore, head further south to San Diego for paintball on a real life military base. The Paintball Park in Camp Pendleton, San Diego is the real deal.

If you are in the Midwest, why not check out CPX Sports in Joliet, Illinois near the great city of Chicago. This mega 143-acre complex includes over 20 fields, the latest gear, safety briefings, and the chance to enter some of the top paintball events in the world. CPX has a “Living Legends” 2-day game scenario, “Viper Paintball” which brings in over 2,000 participants from around the world, and mind-blowing themed fields such as Armageddon, the Jungle of Doom and the Town of Bedlam. If you are more into castles, Paintball Ridge in Missouri holds the world’s largest paintball castle whilst Blitz Paintball in Colorado has castles, helicopters, and military vehicles.

Whether you are playing in a local forest or one of the famed fields, please remember to warm up and be rested and sober before you suit up. Make sure your instructors and the equipment are safe, and be a team player, not a hyper-competitive jerk as you enjoy your paintball bucket list experience.

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