The Bucket Mentality

February 14, 2016

The Bucket Mentality

The Idea of a Bucket List

You only live once, as the cliché goes. So how do you intend to spend the rest of your days? One of the best ways to make life more amazing is to make a bucket list. But what exactly is a bucket list? When most people think of a “bucket list" they envision a million different wild adventures, extreme sports and exotic vacations sprinkled throughout their entire life before they kick the proverbial bucket.

Some look at a bucket list as a way to try and make this life more memorable, and that their hedonistic highs and sybaritic adrenaline bursts and indulgences will serve as the peak moments of their lives, what they remember most on their death beds. Still others view a bucket list as a way to make life more meaningful rather than simply memorable. They wish to not only get a rush, but to connect and serve others, and to go beyond their own personal lives.

At Bucket Bracelets, we feel there is still another way to view a bucket list. It’s not so much a piece of paper with fifty items to check off, but more of a way of life, and that anybody can get started today. If you want to go zip-lining in Costa Rica, or skydiving in Dubai, why not start small first. Take up cycling, and get used to the speed, the wind ripping past your face and you scale down another challenging hill. Want to run the Boston Marathon? First try training to finish a local 5K in 20 minutes.

Does your bucket list focus on helping the world? Do you want to do something to feed starving children in Africa, or stop human trafficking in Asia? Why not first volunteer at a local shelter first, helping your local homeless population, the elderly or abuse victims. Thinking of saving the polar bears? Why not first clean up a local park, start a recycling campaign, or plant a tree in your own backyard.

So, you are now motivated to start your bucket list, and to start really drinking in life, and tasting a myriad of experiences. The question is now: what’s the best way to start charting my life? The best way to kick things off is to begin writing things down, perhaps working backwards. Write down a big goal, taking a gondola ride in Venice, building a house in Costa Rica, or climbing Mt. Fuji. After that, first try setting some goals to do something romantic, something altruistic and something physically challenging in your own hometown.

Every life needs direction, and clear, hand-written goals and a daily journal are the best way to get your ship sailing in the right direction, and you have to be ready when the inevitable distractions and potential pitfalls of a daily routine come your way so you can keep moving forward. By starting small and setting attainable goals, you can make your bucket list more of a philosophy, a way of life rather than a mere one and done checklist. Wearing a bucket bracelet will also help you keep your eyes on some of your most amazing missions.

Finally, don’t forget to think about your purpose for everything you set out to accomplish. Why do you want to do the things you have written down? This will not only help you know if you really want it or not, but will also provide you inspiration when you wake up sore one morning, and wonder why you want to keep training for the Boston Marathon or that historic climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Lastly, also please think about whom you would like to share your life and your bucket list with. Some people like to fly solo, and others get more out of taking a partner or a family along for the journey. The decision is yours. You only live once.

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